The iPhone 5c lie.

Daniel Eran Dilger for AppleInsider:

That means iPhone 5c sold twice as many units as all Blackberry smartphone sales combined (6 million), more than all of Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphone sales in the winter quarter (8.2 million), and in fact, all of Microsoft’s Windows Phones sold globally in the winter quarter (slightly more than 8.2 million, as Nokia makes 90 percent of the world’s Windows Phones).

Even Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 reportedly sold just 9 million units in the winter quarter. If you do the math, that’s less than 12.8 million.

LG’s heavily marketed flagship G2 reportedly sold just 2.3 million units in the winter quarter. That indicates that Apple’s mid tier iPhone 5c outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and LG’s G2 put together.

’nuff said.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Blackberry…on the iPhone.

So, Thorsten Heins has made a few public statements about Apple and the iPhone…much like his predecessors….

The user interface on the iPhone, with all due respect for what this invention was all about is now five years old.

Actually it’s six years old.

The point is that you can never stand still,…It is true for us as well. Launching BB10 just put us on the starting grid of the wider mobile computing grand prix, and now we need to win it.

Not really Thorsten. Changing for the sake of changing is a sure way to play to the 1%, which already have Android to tinker with. You change things if and when you found something better, because your target audience are the 99%…you know, the one’s that actually buy phones and don’t write articles on their nerd blogs.

Just a thought: Apple sells more iPhones in a quarter to real customers than Blackberry sells in one year (into the channel).