Configure a simple metaset with a mirror in Solaris.

# Set the variables:
DID1=[DID of the 1st LUN]
DID2=[DID of the 2nd LUN]

# Create the mirrorset:
metaset -s $DS -a -h $NODES

# Set options in the mirrorset:
metaset -s $DS -a -m $NODES

# Join the DID-devices to a metaset:
metaset -s $DS -a /dev/did/rdsk/$DID1 /dev/did/rdsk/$DID2

# Create the metamirror:
metainit -s $DS d2 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/${DID1}s0
metainit -s $DS d4 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/${DID2}s0

# Attach the 1st mirror to the mirrorset:
metainit -s $DS d9 -m d2

# Attach the 2nd mirror to the mirrorset:
metattach -s $DS d9 d4

# Install the softpartion:
metainit -s $DS d1 -p d9 all

# Create the filesystem:
newfs /dev/md/$DS/rdsk/d1

# Create the mountpoint:
mkdir /[xxx]

# Check the /etc/vfstab entries!


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