Enable an (EMC) LUN.

New LUNs need to be configured OS-wise, and in Veritas Volume Manager.


LUNs can only be configured on the Veritas Cluster Volume Manager Master Node.

On one cluster-node:

bash-3.00# vxdctl -c mode
mode: enabled: cluster active – SLAVE
master: hostname

The specific steps:

1.) Make LUNs available in Solaris 10
cfgadm -c configure
devfsadm -C

2.) Label the LUNs

3.) Put LUNs in Veritas control
vxdctl enable

4.) Add LUNs to disk-groups
/etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i format=sliced
vxdg -g adddisk -=

5.) Repeat steps 1.) , 2.) on the other cluster-node.

Example: Add a new LUN on a diskgroup DG.
0.) vxdctl -c mode
mode: enabled: cluster active – MASTER
master: hostname

# If this node is not the Master, move on to the other node.

/usr/sbin/vxdctl enable
devfsadm -C

vxdisk list | grep error
c1t5006048C52A68A53d62s2 auto – – error
c1t5006048C52A7E893d62s2 auto – – error

2.) If the LUN is not visible ; else 3.)

cfgadm -c configure
# for all HBAs

back to 1.)

3.) format
# format with SMI Label

# If Slice 2 of the LUN doesn’t encompass the whole LUN, then

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdsk/s7
# Slice 7 MUST start at cylinder 0, or other slice

Again 3.)

4.) Configure Veritas slicing, (priv,pub) regions
/etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i c1t5006048C52A7E893d62 format=sliced
/etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i c1t5006048C52A68A53d62 format=sliced

vxdisk list |grep d62
c1t5006048C52A7E893d62s2 auto:sliced – – online
c1t5006048C52A68A53d62s2 auto:sliced – – online

# great!

6.) On the Slave node : do 1.)

7.) On the Master node:

vxdg -g kbdg adddisk 1801-62=c1t5006048C52A68A53d62
vxdg -g kbdg adddisk 3202-62=c1t5006048C52A7E893d62

8.) If OK:

vxdisk list DG 1801-62 3202-62

# Done.


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