Expanding a VxVM FS.

# Which controllers do we have?
cfgadm -al

# Configure the controller(s) to see the new disks in format.
cfgadm -c configure controller

# As soon as the new disks are visible for the OS, you can do the rest.

# Scan for the new disks and generate the /dev entries:
devfsadm -Cv
ls -la /dev/dsk/*d(1,2,3,etc.)s2

# Make the disks visible in powerpath – if applicable:
powermt config

# Label the disks with format.

# Initialize the disks, so VxVM can use them.
vxdisk init cXtXdX [ privlen=private_region_length ]

# or, on old versions:
vxdisksetup -i cXtxdX [ privlen=private_region_length ]

# Bring the new disks into the diskgroup:
vxdg -g diskgroup adddisk diskname=cXtXdX

# Grow the volume of the diskgroup:
vxassist -g diskgroup growto volname newsize diskname

# Adjust the size of the FS (Attention: The size needs to be in 512-byte blocks, which can be checked with vxprint):
fsadm -F vxfs -b newsize /filesystem/mountpoint

# or, for the strong at heart, do both at the same time:
vxresize -bxF vxfs -g diskgroup volname newsize

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