Flash update a Sun/Fujitsu MX000.

0. Upload the new firmware you got from http://www.sun.com/download (hvb.sunsolve, sunsolve.hvb) with a browser.
Example: https://
This will, once you accept the certificate, show you the current Firmware patch, and allow you to upload a new patch.

1. Connect to the serial console:
ssh -l console@host
Break to XSCF via #.

2. Make sure the cluster resources are on the other node.
cluster status, or hastatus -sum, etc.

3. Put the machine into the ok prompt via ssh session:
sudo -s
init 0

3a. In case this doesn’t work as intended:
Wait a bit for /sbin/init to work it’s magic, and check via truss -p
If this fails:

4. On the XSCF: power off the domains:
poweroff -d 0
poweroff -d 1

5. Check to see if the system is down:
showlogs power
Make sure the WHOLE system is down. This should be the very last message you see in the output of showlogs power!!!

6. Flash the XSCF and the domains:
flashupdate -c update -m xcp -s
This takes approx. 30 minutes. Check by trying to connect to the console, if nothing happens for some time (console -d 0).
flashupdate will flash the xscf AND all domains. You do not have to issue the command more than once.

7. Check the version:
version -c xcp

8. Poweron the domains:
poweron -d 0
poweron -d 1

9. Check on the console if the domain is up or in ok prompt:
console -d 0
return, return

10. If it is in ok prompt:

10a. If it is booting:


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