Remove disks from a DS + add them to another DS in Solaris zones.

0. Check which DID devices are in the metaset:
metaset -s ora-zone1-Q-DS

1. Check which soft partition you have to break up:
metastat -s ora-zone1-Q-DS

2. Break up soft partition:
metaclear -s ora-zone1-Q-DS d500

3. Break up Mirror:
metaclear -s ora-zone1-Q-DS d8

4. Break up Submirrors of d8:
metaclear -s ora-zone1-Q-DS d18
metaclear -s ora-zone1-Q-DS d28

5. Check if it worked:
metastat -s ora-zone1-Q-DS -p
metaset -s ora-zone1-Q-DS

6. Delete physical disks from metaset:
metaset -s ora-zone1-Q-DS -d /dev/did/rdsk/d5
metaset -s ora-zone1-Q-DS -d /dev/did/rdsk/d35
metaset -s ora-zone1-Q-DS

7. Grep the LUNpaths for the dids. Watch out for same EMC controller!
scdidadm -l|grep d26
scdidadm -l|grep d12
scdidadm -l|grep d5
scdidadm -l|grep d35

8. Add physical disks to new DS:
metaset -s ora-zone1-DS -a /dev/did/rdsk/d5
metaset -s ora-zone1-DS -a /dev/did/rdsk/d35

9. Checks, including if it made them visible to the cluster:
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS -p
metaset -s ora-zone1-DS
clrg status
cldg status
cldevice status

10. Attach physical disks to submirror of DS
metattach -s ora-zone1-DS d12 /dev/did/rdsk/d5s0
metattach -s ora-zone1-DS d22 /dev/did/rdsk/d35s0
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS -p

11. Checks of the mirror and soft partition:
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS d2
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS d200

12. Attach the grown mirror to the soft partition:
metattach -s ora-zone1-DS d200 all
metastat -s ora-zone1-DS d200

13. FS checks:

14. grow the actual fs:
growfs -M /opt/oracle/admin/DB1 /dev/md/ora-zone1-DS/rdsk/d200

15. Done


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