Send the app!

Something just crossed my mind: Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply send an app that you dig to a friend?

I recently found an app in the Apple Appstore for my iPhone 4 that I really liked, and I would have loved to be able to just send it to a friend. When I say “send” I don’t necessarily mean push the app to her phone, although that would be cool too, but it would involve a file transfer of several MB over the air – not really practical. What I mean is something like open the app, tap an icon (“Tell it to a friend!”) which opens a field where you can input text – something along the lines of “Hey, I really enjoy this app. Check it out.” – and then the app would use my default mail account, or an SMS to send that message to a person in my address book, including the link to said app in the Appstore.

I know you can copy and paste the URL of an app into an email and send it to a friend yourself, but wouldn’t the other way be much more convenient, and wouldn’t that generate extra sales, or exposure in case the app is free, for the developer?

I’m calling dibs on this idea.


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