Thoughts on iTV….

Apple will not release a TV set, because they are essentially a hardware manufacturer who provides content to make the hardware appealing to the masses. Apple makes about 6% of it’s money from the various stores – barely breaking even. Almost 94% come from hardware sales…re-occuring hardware sales. TVs are not bought every year, or even every other year, ergo there’s no money to be made. Sony recently said that they loose money on every TV they sell. I doubt any other maker of TVs fares any better.
Apple already has their Apple TV “hobby” on the market, which will be upgraded this year.
Upgrades will include, among others:
– 1080p
– Siri via an iPhone, iPod Touch,, iPad, and possibly a new remote.
– A la carte channels
The first two pretty much explain themselves, with th new remote control being the wildcard.
What I mean by “a la carte” channels: Imagine you could _build_ your own TV channel – with just the shows you want. That’s what I mean by that.
I’m thinking it will be three different models for the TV channel subscription:
1. 19,99.- for up to three shows / month, plus two movies.
2. 29,99.- for up to five shows / month, plus four movies.
3. 59,99.- unlimited shows and movies / month.
Something along those lines. What do you think? Talk back in the comments if you feel inclined.

2 comments on “Thoughts on iTV….

  1. […] 4k resolution would be pretty neat, but I’m still not convinced that Apple will release a TV, other than what it already has in it’s line-up – the just released 3rd gen Apple TV. […]

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