The tablet market in my POV.

Charles Arthur of quotes Strategy Analytics article which says that Android captured 39% share of the global tablet market shipments.

My beef is not so much with the misleading headline at The Guardian, but with the firm that lead to it, although they’re no more guilty than all the others.

It has been consistantely proven that “analysts” really don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to these markets. So why bother quoting them at all?

Anyways, I’ve been collecting real world data from a site that has north of 2 million visits a day. Here’s what I found:
Out of 2.4 million visits:
– 1.6 million Windows
– 0,6 million Apple
– 20 thousand Linux
– 3 thousand Symbian
– the rest were mainly http GET requests, webcrawlers, bots, and the likes.

Broken down even further, focusing on Android, iPad, and iPhone – here’s what my enormous grep skills came up with:
– 440.000 iPhone requests
– 240.000 iPad requests
– 2.300 Android requests
You read that right. Not even 1% of all mobile requests came from Android, and this is not even considering all iOS devices – just the iPad.

Sell-in != Sell-through.

I wonder when retailers will wake up and stop ordering D.O.A. tablets to fill their warehouses?
I wonder when analysts….ah, never mind.


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