Violet Blue and ZDNet.

In case you missed it, you can catch up here. It’s worth your time, but if you’re really presse for it – this is what went down:
ZDNet’s Violet Blue made “fun” of a “the saddest booth babe” at Macworld, posting a picture of alledged booth babe on ZDNet, and commenting rudely on her appearance.
About two seconds later she was called out by Shawn King.

Turns out the “booth babe” was in fact a developer, namely Piroska Szurmai-Palotai of, who’s actually pretty well known, and has several apps in Apple’s appstore.

Instead of apologizing to the developer, and to her audience at ZDNet, she decided to pull the “The Apple fanboys are being mean” card.
That’s when things got interesting…as you can see in Shawn’s article.

I enchourage you to sign the petition, and thereby put pressure on VB (sounds like a disease, right?) to man up, and finally do the right thing.

When I originally read VB’s post, and Shawn’s reply in the comments, I wasn’t going to write anything about this, but I changed my mind. This kind of “reporting” goes against every moral standard I know of when it comes to publishing on the internet. I know that many do it, but it’s wrong and it needs to stop.

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