Google cares not one bit about FRAND.

Apple Insider is reporting today, that FOSS Patents’ Florian Müller has described a recent letter by Google to the IEEE as “indicating no improvement whatsoever over Motorola’s FRAND litigation tactics”.
This basically means that Google, having portraid themselves many times over as a “victim” of Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco among others, in “bogus patent wars” is effectively taking up these tactics.

You can view the letter here.

While Microsoft, Apple, and Cisco have petitioned the standards body to regulate FRAND licensing issues, Google has chosen the low road with it’s recent (almost completed) aquisition of Motorola, stating that it “explicitly endorses” the 2,25% royalties Motorola seeks from Apple. This, of course, is WAY above any FRAND license fee I have ever heard of. Complex devices like a smartphone depend on many FRAND licenses to do what they do. If FRAND licensing allowed extremely high fees like that, no manufacturer of modern consumer electronics would be able to sell them without a loss. Not even Apple.

Right now, Samsung is in very hot water in the EU for doing exactly the same thing. They’re being investigated by the EU over their use of FRAND patents in their litigation against Apple.
You can read about it here at Engadget.

Do no evil.


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