Mountain Lion is…damage control? According to Cringely….

Bob Cringley has a new piece out about Mountain Lion.

In it he states:

It’s my belief OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion doesn’t represent an Apple triumph but is more damage control and preparing us for iTV.

Not sure how OS X 10.8 is supposed to “prepare us for iTV” to be honest, and neither is Cringley, because he doesn’t really explain his train of thought…

He goes on:

This OS X release was not only unexpected, it’s an aberration in Apple’s relentless process of showing that it isn’t Microsoft with Redmond’s tortured OS releases.

…conveniently neglecting that Apple also announced that they are turning to annual releases…

Then (this guy is all over the place):

For all the hype, Lion has been less than the success Apple hoped it would be.

I present to you:

And now for the grand finale:

Certainly Apple will be rolling into Mountain Lion all the cool touchscreen, digital media management, and distribution features along with hardware support for iTV and other new hardware platforms. This virtually guarantees, I guess, that the TV is on its way for Christmas 2012.

Huh? Seriously? What is he smoking? Where does that even fit into the “story”? Apple has rolled out many of the best features of iOS into Lion, and is now adding even more. iMessage/Messages IS a killer feature. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and it’s really a game changer. The Mac App Store has also been introduced in Lion, and iTunes (I presume that’s what he means by “digital media management”) has been there for…well…a loooong time…

I really don’t see what Bob Cringely’s problem is….maybe there is none, maybe he was just bored…


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