Microsoft, iPad? Ok…

What’s going on here?

There were numerous stories out yesterday reporting that Office for iPad was ready for launch. Then Microsoft chimed in, saying the picture was a fake, and now – from their corporate PR Twitter account – we get to read this:

Great respect for The Daily but regrettably someone is giving them bad info, and that’ll be clear in the “coming weeks.”
— Microsoft News (@MSFTnews) February 21, 2012

Office has been Microsoft’s cash cow for the past several years. With the introduction of iPad, many people found that they really didn’t need Office to be productive. Mail, a Notepad, and a Cloud account was enough for most. Then Apple brought their iWork suite to iPad, and I, like many of you, found out that you could actually use that stuff productively. The apps are compatible with the desktop versions, and with iCloud you can access (remember that one with a capital A?), and edit them from all of your iDevices.
Is Microsoft finally ready to admit that they’re way behind in tablets, that tablets are the new PC, and that they need to be on the one tablet that matters to stay relevant?

Stay tuned.


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