850k of what?

Andy Rubin just tweeted the following:

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Enjoying watching the ecosystem at work. 850k activations a day now!

850k of what? Obviously he’s talking about Android activations, but it’s still a valid question.

850k. That’s an impressive number – even if most of them are of the 2.x flavour.

The gadget world is ablaze with all the new offerings from LG, Sony, HTC, etc. But that’s not really what’s causing the 850k. ICS runs on only about 1% of them, as the big G admits on their site.

So, 850k of what?

I’ll tell you: Of this.

That’s right. Basic feature phones with Android slapped on them. They can be had for as little as a few bucks, with no contract.

Android is winning.


One comment on “850k of what?

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