The cost of iPad.

I confess. I bought the first iPad when it became available, I bought the second iPad when that came to Germany, and I will buy the third generation as weel, as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Since Apple’s invitation was sent out to select press outfits yesterday (during Eric Schmidt’s keynote at MWC – nice touch Apple), I’ve been reading lots of comments on various sites I visit, and one thing I noticed was a lot of talk about the “high” price of iPad.

But here’s the thing:
When iPad 2 was announced I sold my original iPad on ebay. It was 699 Euros (64GB Wifi version) when I bought it, and it went for 550 Euros a year later. The second iPad I bought was of the 16GB WiFi variant. It cost me 499 Euros. It’s been on ebay for about nine days now, as I anticipated the announcment for the third generation iPad to be on the 28th or the 29th of this month. The auction is ending in 9 hours, and it’s already at 360 Euros. I predict it will reach 420 Euros.

So now the real cost of iPad becomes clear: I basically rent a brand new iPad each year for an average of less than 10 Euros a month.

Not a bad deal.


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