Can Microsoft Ever Be ‘Cool’ Like Apple? Nope.

Don Reisinger over at asks an interesting question with his article titled “Can Microsoft Ever Be ‘Cool’ Like Apple?”.

Unfortunately that’s were the interesting part stops, because he fails to answer his own question by simply concluding:

I’m not sure Microsoft wants anything to change. The company knows that it still matters and its sheer size and importance in the industry make it a headline-maker no matter what it announces.

In other words, until Microsoft has to be like Apple, we can’t expect it to try. Microsoft is more than content being, well, Microsoft.

Wow… Yeah, that’s exactly the problem Microsoft has: They haven’t realized yet that they have to be more like Apple.

Case in point:
Windows 8, will come in 8 different varieties. They include Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Professional Plus, Enterprise, Enterprise Eval, Ultimate, and ARM Edition.
OS X comes in two versions. OS X, and OS X Server.


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