Gizmodo: What to Expect at Apple’s Event Tomorrow

An outstanding piece over at Gizmodo by Mat Honan.

Choice cuts:

Apple has an event tomorrow, and it will be the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012. It will likely remain the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012 until Apple’s next event, which may then overtake it.

It may sound like a fan post by the way he starts off, and in a way it is, but not really.
Mat’s making some great points, albeit in an unusual way. You have to check the whole thing out to completely get it, so please do.

We cover what we cover because it’s what you want us to cover. And as long as the audience comes in, we’ll be there to receive you.


We’ll look up with greasy chins and compare the performance of Tim Cook to Steve Jobs’ most famous appearances. And if we are disappointed, or unhappy with what is announced, we will drag out Jobs’ bloody toga and parade it in front of the mob.


Some will immediately dismiss the thing Apple rolls out as a failure. They will note Apple already reached its high water mark, and that this thing, whatever it is, is not as good as what Google or Microsoft or Sony has to offer. (Well, it’s possible no one will mention Sony.) They will note the feature set on the others is much greater than that on the New Apple Thing. “The others all have four ports and it only has three!”

Everyone else will note that these people are idiots.

That man is on a roll…

No matter what Apple releases, the enthusiast blogs will call It the greatest thing ever. (Dollars to Pesos says we’ll be among them.) They (we) will stroke and caress its lines and note how much better it is—in both overt and subtle ways—than the last iteration. They will extol the genius of Jon Ive (love that guy) for making this corner just so and that edge just not.

I’m starting to like Gizmodo again… This article alone is almost enough to convince me to read them again.

Read the whole piece, seriously do it, here.


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