But it’s open! Part I.

Lot’s of things have been bothering me about Google’s policy lately…in case you haven’t noticed, so I’ve made the decision to track some of the issues I’m having with Google in a series I’m calling “But it’s open! Part XYZ”. Be sure to bookmark my page for updates, which will come whenever something crazy is going on (that I know about) in Mountain View.

Part I of this series has been triggered by Google’s stance on payments in the Android mark…in Google Play:

It seems that the big G has decided to force developers to use it’s more expensive payment service throughout…Play.
As Ryan Paul reports for Ars Technica in his piece Android Market rule prohibits use of third-party in-app payment services, via Reuters original story.

Android application developers are being barred from using third-party payment systems in their software. As Google mandates the use of its own Google Wallet service for in-application purchases, software that doesn’t comply with the new rule will be kicked out of the Android Market.


Although Google often touts the openness of its platform, the Android Market is one of several proprietary components controlled by the company. Google uses its unilateral control over the storefront as leverage over hardware manufacturers.

You don’t say? But it’s called Google Play now…sounds nicer…and it’s not a walled garden, right?

Google has issued a statement to The Verge saying basically that the rule has been there for ages, and has been enforced in the past.

Several high-profile developers have complained about this in a very vocal way, which is understandable because Google always talks about choice, and being open…because, you know, open always wins. And Google is open and all that…

Stay tuned for more updates to this series as I will call Google out every time they play the open card, turn around and force something down someone’s throat.

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