The new iPad – an evolutionary step?

I’ve been reading a lot about the new iPad in the past day or two. Everyone that’s had any hands on time with the device marvels at just how big of a deal it is.

…and then there’s the critics – none of whom have spent any time with it.

You can read stuff like “Meh, it’s just an evolutionary device. There’s nothing special about it.”, and “Others have done it before. What’s the big deal?”. Those are the nicer things some people have to say.

This got me wondering: What’s an “evolution”, and what’s a “revolution”? After giving it some time I came up with – no real answer, so I’d like to submit the following:

The new iPad has the best screen of ANY mobile device, ever. Possibly of any consumer electronics device. Apple has increased the battery capacity by around 70%, while increasing the weight by about 8%, and the thickness by approximately 7%. The A5X, for what we know right now, is twice as fast as it’s predecessor, while pushing the quadruple amount of pixels. iPad has the fastest mobile CPU and GPU, and the most radios built into any mobile device. All this with the same battery life, and a price tag that no other competitor can match.

Will someone else best some of the features in the next couple of months? Probably. Will they surpass iPad in all features? No, and I’m not even going to mention the seemless integration with Apple’s other products and it’s ecosystem.

So yes, it’s probably an evolution, but one no one will be able to match this year, or next, while Apple is dutifully at work on the next iPad…think about that for a moment.


2 comments on “The new iPad – an evolutionary step?

  1. Linskin says:

    Can I shoehorn that battery into my iPad 2 please? I’m not that bothered about the screen, my iPad 2 screen looks pretty good already, as is its performance.

    Here in the UK we won’t have 4G until 2015, or three more iPads if you like. So other than the screen, and the beefed up (Samsung) processor + expanded RAM, there is little new. The battery still only gives 10 hrs of performance. There is still no USB, or expandable memory card slot, or open standard for video conferencing in FaceTime which might have been a bit more revolutionary.

    • scottph says:

      I understand where you’re coming from, and I agree that the iPad 2’s screen is great. I think it’ll take a new iPad in hand to really appreciate what they’ve done. I will post a review here once I get mine – so a few days after the 16th.

      4G LTE is mainly an addition for the US market I guess, and to me (being in Germany) it’s no big deal either, but I know that most european provides are working hard to get 4G LTE up and running. Personally, I ordered a WiFi-only model.

      The A5(X) is actually a custom built SoC, possibly by Samsung, much like the earlier A4 and so on, but to say it’s a Samsung processor is not true. Samsung may build the SoC, but the design is based on ARM, and modified my Apple to fit their needs. It’s not a stock SoC. Big difference.

      Considering what the battery has to do I actually think this is a big deal that they managed to keep battery life where it is, and knowing Apple they usually underpromise and outperform.

      As for USB, etc: You can add content OTA, or via several different option of cables Apple (and others) offer. Expandable memory isn’t needed – remember: Apple makes products for the 99%, not the 1% – besides…most “open” vendors are now shipping their “open” devices without user-replacable battery and no expandable memory. But yeah, I’ll agree on the opening of the FaceTime standard. This was promised when Steve Jobs introduced it.

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