@donreisinger has the Jason D. O’Grady symptom!

Yep, lots of talk about Don Reisinger today. Bummer too…

In his second column at SlashGear.com today, Don informs us that he’s

For years now, … been calling on Apple to make its set-top box impressive. I’ve wanted a host of features that the company is seemingly against offering. And time and again, it delivers products that in no way impress us. At what point will Apple finally understand the needs of today’s “living room” customers and deliver to them what they want?

Damn. So he’s called on the largest tech company in the world to listen to him…much like our old friend Jason D. O’Grady.
Unlike the latter though Don does something odd here: He says that he‘s called on Apple, and then turns around and demands that they deliver to us what we want.
Funny how one man’s demands all of a sudden turn into our demands, right? Right.

Both Reisinger and O’Grady seem to feel very entitled, and both seem to have no clue how Apple works.

Skate to where the puck will be.

Anyhow, Don is disappointed, because Apple clearly doesn’t understand that people don’t want 1080p, and Apple obviously doesn’t understand that people don’t care that their shiny new iPad will support it via AirPlay. That’s just not what people want. Damit.

So what do people (Don) want?

There’s nothing worse to me than a company packaging what amounts to be the same old device and calling it an update. The new Apple TV is basically the same old set-top box with a couple additions here and there that I don’t particularly care for.

Yep. That’s it. People (Don) want new design (cos the old one ist just meh presumably, like the iPhone 4S…what a turd…). Nevermind those “couple additions here and there”, nope. He wants “a host of features” – none of which he specifies, but I guess it’s just easier to demand stuff than to actually come up with meaningful additions.

But fear not! Don, as mentioned above, has been calling on Apple, he he thinks he’s been heard: The Apple Television is coming later this year! (No, it’s not.)

In the mean time, we’ll be enjoying our brand new iPad’s and our ATV…Don will too, probably, but he won’t tell us…until the next generation comes out and he can slam that, compared to the one he’s slamming now, which he won’t upgrade to, thank you very much.


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