iPad for hardcore gaming, @donreisinger ? No, but…

Don Reisinger at SlashGear.com uses all these devices for gaming, because he’s an “old school gamer; not just a hardcore player”:

– XBox 360
– iPad
– iPhone
– PlayStation Vita

See, he

reject(s) the idea that Apple has found a way to kill off console gaming


I like the idea of holding a controller in my hand that’s wirelessly connected to a box hooked up to my television. I like popping a disc into that box, loading up a title, and being able to play a game that delivers an experience unlike anything I can find on my smartphone or tablet.

Meanwhile Apple is happily upgrading it’s hardware with devices that have more RAM and more CPU/GPU power than current-gen consoles, and with software (AirPlay, etc.) so nobody will actually need a dedicated console pretty soon.

Is your iPad to heavy to use as a controller? Use your iPhone or your iPod Touch.

I’m certain that Apple is already working with developers to make their titles available thru Apple TV, maybe even stored locally so they don’t have to use AirPlay and binaries on your iDevice. They’ll let you use your iDevices as controllers, some already do. This will work for most games, and who knows what they have in store in the future for games that need more controls?

Betting against Apple seems like a bad idea, Don.

Update 2012-03-13: Epic and EA seem to agree – via The Verge.

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