ZDNet’s Jason D. O’Grady: Damn, that guy get’s on my nerves.

ZDNet’s Jason D. O’Grady is at it again…

In his usual fashion he points out the iPad’s biggest miss: No Siri.

One of the biggest omissions in the new iPad is Siri. It was a virtual shoe-in for inclusion in Apple’s third-generation iPad but it didn’t make the cut and it’s a curious omission. Siri runs on the iPhone 4S which has an A5 processor, but the new iPad has an A5X processor which is faster. So it isn’t a technical issue, at least specs-wise.

See what he did there? “One of the biggest omissions” is insinuating that there are more…although, he never mentions all the others. He’s probably saving them for about a dozen more link-baiting articles he plans to haunt us with…
Setting aside that we don’t know if there is a technical reason – there may very well be, isn’t it a little bit of bad reporting if you talk about stuff you couldn’t possibly know about?

I’m not saying that this is the reason. We won’t know until iFixit, or some other site, actually guts the new iPad, but I am saying that there is a reason.

I imagine it’s much simpler than what Jason fantasizes about, namely user experience.

Think about it: Would you actually use Siri, the way it is intended to be used, on an iPad? Right.

What Apple did is they added part of Siri, voice dictation, because that actually makes sense. Touch the microphone button on the keyboard and tweet, reply to an email, etc.

Apple’s not about what can be done. It’s about what makes sense.


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