Apple sells more new iPad’s than Moto Xoom’s and Blackberry Playbook’s ever…combined.

That’s obviously not what Apple put in it’s press release – it’s just to give some perspective: Since going on sale on the 16th of March, Apple has sold more than 3 million new iPad’s. Remember, the iPad 2 went on sale too, for a reduced price, and it was not counted into those numbers.

Here’s the link to Apple’s PR.

Some might say “Yeah, but it launched in 10 countries.”, which is true, but the iPad 2 launched in way more a week after the US launch, and Apple had sold around 1 million of them in that timeframe. So this is a huge deal, and it’ll go on sale in a boatload of countries this coming weekend.

I’m predicting 60+ million new iPad’s being sold before the next one is announced, and that’s conservative.


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