LTE iPad…and all hell breaks loose…really?

Jason Perlow at ZDNet has a new story out about how all hell breaks loose now that the iPad has LTE.

Choice cut:

This is a result of Apple’s new HD+ tablet’s ability to download data at broadband-like speeds (10Mbps+) and thus enabling bandwidth-intensive applications such as Netflix, iTunes movie rentals and even large app downloads themselves to quickly consume a 5GB or 10GB monthly data plan allotment in a matter of days.

The problem with this line of thinking is two-fold.

First, are people really that stupid? What did they expect? But more importantly: Apple caps mobile data downloads at 50MB, unless you’re on WiFi. So, unless I’m totally off track on this capping business, I have to ask myself how the hell can you even manage to approach that 5GB limit…in a few days?


2 comments on “LTE iPad…and all hell breaks loose…really?

  1. Bunion says:

    1) Apple doesn’t stop streaming apps.

    2) it takes and hour to use 2G of data streaming off Netflix over LTE. I did it.

    3) the retina display sucks down data with video to take advantage of the video.

    • scottph says:

      Fair enough, but how do you think your data plan will be affected if you stream full HD content via LTE? Seriously.
      The alternative to LTE is not 2G, it’s 3G. Again, why not use WiFi? Do you really need to watch a HD movie stream while you’re out?
      Again, what did you expect? The display has a massive pixel count – of course it will use more data if the stream supports it.
      It seems to me that all this is obvious.

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