The new iPad is a letdown…according to Joe Brown at Gizmodo….

Over at Gizmodo, Joe Brown reviews the new iPad.

Choice cuts:

It is not worthy of a press conference.

because, like Joe himself says:

yes, the screen is lovely. That A5X processor is a tab-loading, game-rendering beast. Yes, the optional stupid fast LTE connection smokes even my leveled-up home cable connection. And yes: It is pretty.

Got it? Yeah, me neither…

Make no mistake: This is the best tablet any amount of money can buy: the successor to the best tablet money could buy, which was, in turn, the successor to the best tablet money could buy

Ok, but it’s a letdown…

But here’s the thing: This iPad is cruising. It’s still living off its predecessors’ reps and some seriously excellent inherited software. Its design isn’t new, and, in fact, it violates one of Jobs’ Laws by getting thicker instead of thinner. And on the OS side, Apple seems to have stopped innovating. The opportunity for a competitor to crash Apple’s party is now.

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. Or not.
The new iPad is obviously cruising. Why? Because it’s the top tablet money can buy. And why in the world would Apple change the design? It’s awesome. It’s exactly what a tablet today should look like…
Yes, it’s thicker…less than a millimeter. Is this a compromise? Yeah, to let customers have the 10 hours of use that they expect, with the OS they know – which kinda explains why Apple hasn’t changed any of it radically. That’s not the way Apple rolls.
Which competitor is going to crash Apple’s party you ask? Me too.

Here’s what Joe likes about the new iPad:

Swipe. Tap. Play. Watch. You know how a tablet works. In this case, it’s wonderful. iOS 5.1 is incredibly refined and mature. Touch-events are instantaneous, and everything loads with a dual-core spring in its step. The extra RAM keeps even complicated Web pages at the ready during a multi-tab browsing sesh.

The 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina display is positively lickable, bursting with color and sharpness and saturation that make comics and high-res photographs look impossibly good. Text looks sharper on the new iPad than on any other electronic device;

In terms of glowing electronic displays, there is none better than on this device. Anywhere.

So, he likes pretty much all of it, but it’s a letdown. And here, again, is why:

In our tests, it took up to twice as long to charge new ‘Pad’s 42.5-watt-hour battery—as many as nine hours of plug time.

It seems to me to be pretty reasonable that a device with so many upgrades will use more power and will take a longer time to charge….
When was the last time you weren’t within reach of a power outlet? I thought so…

You know what else kinda sucks? The new iPad gets warm…

Which is totally dangerous, right?

No, it’s not gonna burn you.

Ah ok. Attention: Running your mobile device for prolonged periods of time with intense graphics requirements, makes it hot. Got it.

This is messed up: Apple’s engineers worked some serious magic on the rear-facing “iSight” camera, bumping it up to 5 megapizzles and outfitting it with an infrared filter and side illumination tricks like you’ll find on the iPhone 4S. Congratulations: You have a capable digital camera the size of a magazine. But while the iSighter got all fixed up, the front-facing “Facetime” camera remains VGA. Which is stupid.

So this is filed under “dislikes”. It has an awesome camera, which is cool because it might be the only one you have around while something memorable happens, but it’s still a dislike – even though I seem to remember sites like Gizmodo bitching about the original iPad not having cameras, and the iPad 2 having bad cameras…hmmm…
Also, the FaceTime camera’s resolution is stupid. Unless it’s not, because HD video calls will eat through your data plan even faster, once it’s available…. Maybe Apple thought ahead? No, that couldn’t be the case…

Now for the grand finale:

But the biggest issue with the new iPad is buyer’s remorse. If you own an iPad 2 and buy an iPad 3, you will feel it

Right. All the amazing upgrades will make you feel buyer’s remorse. Because your iPad 2 didn’t fetch 3/4 of it’s original price, making your new iPad only 1/4 of the price Apple’s asking of new-to-the-party-buyers. Much like the iPhone 4S…yeah, what a turd.

Seriously though, I have to ask: Are there two Joe Brown’s at Gizmodo?
The one guy likes all the new and improved stuff the iPad has to offer, and the other one simply can’t find it within himself to not rag on all the new and improved stuff.

If you don’t have a tablet and you want to buy a tablet, buy this tablet. It’s excellent.


… there is no reason to upgrade from an iPad 2. It’s simply not that much of a difference. Yes, it’s better brighter faster stronger, but the hard truth of this new iPad is, it’s not very new.



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