Mike Daisey, the liar, apologizes to everyone…but Apple.

The liar, in his blog about getting the facts right:

“I fell short in The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.”

“when I said onstage that I had personally experienced things I in fact did not, I failed to honor the contract I’d established with my audiences over many years and many shows. In doing so, I not only violated their trust, I also made worse art.”

Then he goes on to apologize to

– the audiences I lied to
– my colleagues in the theater, especially those who work in non-fiction and documentary fields
– journalists I gave interviews to in which I exaggerated my own experiences … Things came out of my mouth that just weren’t true, and over time, I couldn’t even hear the difference myself
– human rights advocates and those who have been doing the hard work of bringing attention to these kinds of labor issues for years

Wait, what? So this scumbag apologizes to everyone, but the company and it’s former CEO who he has smeared for more than a year in public?

This shows you exactly what kind of a person Mike Daisey, the liar, is.


2 comments on “Mike Daisey, the liar, apologizes to everyone…but Apple.

  1. I hope Apple sues this fat piece of societal waste out of existence. My Roth IRA is 95% AAPL and his actions could have greatly affected its value. . .

    Come on APPLE, sue him.

    I hope a year from now, Daisey is penniless, homeless and friendless. . ..

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