The new iPad – my first impressions.

This is not meant to be a review.

I received my new iPad (white, WiFi, 16GB) about 19 hours ago, eight of which I spent sleeping.

So here goes:
– Apple shipped, as usual, faster than promised. It was supposed to get here on the 3rd of April, but I received it on the 28th of March.

– I’m torn about the color choice: I had the first gen, and the iPad 2 in black. White looks great, and is much less prone to showing fingerprints on the bezel. Still, right now I’m not sure if I won’t exchange it for the black model.

– With iOS 5.1 and all the apps I had on the iPad 2, my 16GB is down to 1,4GB of free space. This may be reason enough to upgrade to the 32GB for an extra 100 Euros. I say “may” because I really don’t use about half of the apps I installed yesterday. Time will tell.

– That screen! OMG! You really need to see it to believe it. It’s awesome, eye-popping, brilliant.

– It came with 78% battery charge. Setting it up, downloading my apps and magazines, customizing, and playing around for about four hours drained it to 44%. So that’s 34% in 4 hours of very heavy use on WiFi. Seems like it will easily deliver the 10 hours on a full charge that Apple’s promising.

– Performance. I have about 40 apps open, 10+ Safari tabs (no reloading observed), etc. Everything runs fine, even with a graphics intense game like Air Supremacy (demoed at the iPad event) in the foreground. No stuttering, no glitches, no hang-ups, no crashes, no complaints.

– Apps look great, even the one’s not yet optimized for the new resolution, but the upgraded apps are breath-taking. It’s like you’re actually touching the app.

– The camera takes great shots. Very similar to my iPhone 4. I actually like taking pictures on the iPad – the screen is a great viewfinder, and it helps that the button for taking pictures moves to the right side.

– I didn’t notice the increase in weight and thickness so far. It’s very comfortable to hold and work with.

– No heat issues for me for now.

– Dictation is a great addition to the iPad. It works really well, even in german.

That’s it for now. I will write a real review once I have had a few days with it in the following days.


6 comments on “The new iPad – my first impressions.

  1. Linskin says:

    Nice sum up. I’m pretty much running along at the same time as you. Mine arrived yesterday too. And yes, I did spend 8 or so of those hours sleeping.

    That screen really is impressive isn’t it?

  2. Riley says:

    I had the first generation iPad, so now that I’ve upgraded to the latest, I’ve noticed the difference in speed, screen quality, and features. I bought the white LTE version, and the word that best describes the new iPad is fast. Well, faster than the first one anyways. Playing games is great, and using my favorite app, the DISH Remote Access app, is smooth and slick. I use the TV app quite a lot when I’m at school waiting for class to start or on lunch at DISH where I work and I love it. Since I can watch live TV or recorded shows, it’s like bringing a high definition TV with me. I’m very happy with it!

    • scottph says:

      Great story man! I appreciate the screen even more now that I’ve used the new iPad a little more. I’m sure this experience will only continue to improve once all devs get onboard.

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