About that Google Android Nexus tablet…

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google may start selling Google branded tablets built by Asus and Samsung sometime this year, subsiding the cost of the device to be competitive.

This is a bad idea, and here’s why:

– Remember that Google Nexus phone? Yeah…

– Google is buying Motorola, but they will sell Asus and Samsung tablets? Mkay…

– Tablets are nothing like smartphones. It’s all about the ecosystem.

– There are no subsidies on tablets, at least none that work.

– 2.000 Asus Transformer Prime pre-orders in all of the US. Samsung’s not doing too well either according to them.

– Amazon makes money selling it’s vast digital catalog, not the Kindle hardware. Again, ecosystem.

– Android users do not like to pay for apps. Where’s the money in it for Google?

– Put any, ANY, Android vanilla ICS tablet next to an iPad. Yeah…

– Android on tablets sucks. Imagine that Google Nexus tablet with ads all over the place.

Dead. In. The. Water.


2 comments on “About that Google Android Nexus tablet…

  1. En says:

    You sir, are an idiot.

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