Fair Labor Association issues it’s first report on Apple and Foxconn.

The Fair Labor Association on Apple and Foxconn.

Keep in mind: Apple asked the FLA to audit them. No one else in the industry does that.

Main findings:
– 35.000 workers were interviewed in Guanlan, Longhua, and Chengdu.

– 4% of the workers are under 18. The legal working age is 16.

– Minimum wage in Shenzhen is USD 220. Foxconn pays USD 265, and after a probabtion period USD 325.

– 64% of workers find that’s not enough.

– 33% of workers want to work more.

– Average working hours per week: 56. Legal limit including overtime is 49.

– Foxconn pays overtime in 30 minute incriments. If a worker stops after 25 minutes, he loses those.

– Workers aged 16 and 17 were found to be working in hazardous areas.

– Apple and Foxconn have committed to change the offending practices by 2013 to comply with Chinese law and FLA standards.

There you have it. I wonder when the other players will follow Apple’s lead?

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