But it’s open! Part XIX.

A report released by the FCC details that Google spied on every WLAN it’s Street View cars could get at, up until 2010 – and senior management knew about it.

Millions of Emails, text messages, etc.

The fine the FCC imposed?

I’m glad you asked: 25.000 USD.


Hell just froze…Henry Blodget: Yes, You Should Be Astonished By Apple.

I may be late to the party, but in my world hell just froze over.

For one reason, not very clear to me to be honest, I was browsing Business Insider and guess what I found?

Henry Blodget for Business Insider: And now let us gaze in awe at the collosus that is Apple.

Read it, it’s…good.

MG Siegler (@parislemon) thinks there’s no tech bubble…

MG Siegler, commenting on a piece by Chris Dixon:

Every few months, a big story comes out proclaiming that we’re in another bubble. It reminds me of the “downfall of Apple” nonsense — everyone wants to be the first to correctly “call” what is inevitable (that Apple will fall at some point, as all companies do — and that the tech scene will be hit by hard times again, as all scenes are).

…we often get no facts in these bubble stories, just a bunch of vague fear mongering. The same kind we got a year and a half ago. And a year before that. And a year before that. Etc.

Much respect for his writing usually, but I strongly disagree with this.

We are in a tech bubble. Show me any company in this industry, ANY at all, besides Apple, possibly Google, and Microsoft, that has a sustainable business model and is not bleeding money.

Here’s the original post by Chris Dixon.

A few questions for @mollywood of CNet.

Mooly Wood of CNet takes issue with Tim Cook saying that Apple shouldn’t be the world’s tech developer.

Read it if you must.

A few questions for Molly Wood:

– Show me GUI’s before Mac OS
– Show me mp3 player before the iPod
– Show me mobile OS’s before iOS
– Show me smartphones before the iPhone
– Show me SMS before the iPhone
– Show me tablet computers before the iPad
– Show me online services selling music, movies, books, etc. before iTunes
– Show me All-in-one computers before the iMac
– Show me laptops before the MacBook Air

Yeah, I didn’t think so…

OMG! Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple! I don’t think so.

The web is buzzing with news that Samsung reported it’s quarterly earnings for the last quarter, and everyone is talking about one thing:

44,5 million smartphones!

No, really!

Except…Samsung doesn’t say it sold 44,5 million smartphones. Strategy Analytics does.

I call bullshit.

…and on the remote chance that they actually did: 44,5 million of what?