But it’s open! Part XI.

In today’s installment:
Google and Facebook try to change the meaning of “Do not track”, plus Motorola (read: Google) wants more from it’s FRAND patents than the whole patent pool gets.

AppleInsider via The New York Times.

Totally open.

Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents:

This relates to the H.264 video codec standard. On the left side of that chart, Microsoft highlights that it pays to the MPEG LA pool (which contains 2,339 patents on H.264, contributed by 29 different companies) an annual royalty that is capped at $6.5 million. If the cap didn’t exist, the amount would be $60 million. By sharp contrast, Motorola holds only 50 such patents but has made a royalty demand that would, even in the most conservative (!) estimate, amount to $4 billion.



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