CNet’s Brooke Crothers @mbrookec thinks…well no, he doesn’t.

CNet’s Brooke Crothers has a masterpiece of stupid up on CNet:

Third-gen iPad raises a few red flags.

Except it doesn’t. Let’s deconstruct:

Dilution of Jobs Doctrine? The design decisions that led to a chunkier iPad are a little worrisome and break — in my opinion — one of Steve Jobs’ cardinal rules: devices should get thinner and lighter, not bigger and heavier…

Unless the guy Steve Jobs gave massive power to at Apple, Jony Ive, has ok’d this slight increase in “thickness”. Couldn’t be, right?
Thinner, and lighter will only get you so far. I’d actually argue that there’s a point when this “doctrine” (where’s that written down?) is useless, because it will make the device uncomfortable to hold. I’m not saying the iPad 2 was at that point, but the argument of always thinner and lighter has limits.

Chip slip As brilliant as Apple is, it’s not primarily a chip company. That means it can make mistakes with silicon design. Neither Texas Instruments nor Intel is above reproach (and they’ve made their share of mistakes), why not Apple? Case in point, the A5X.

Brooke goes on to quote Anandtech’s review of the new iPad, conveniantely leaving out Apple’s claim that the A5X has double the graphics power, which Anandtech also notes.
Meanwhile, in the real world, we’re happily using our new iPad’s with apps to get actual work done.

Battery Big battery. Too big? When the battery grows almost twofold but doesn’t offer better battery life, something is amiss. OK, so it’s necessary to drive the sophisticated display apparatus but, again, another red flag.

Really? How about the 4-fold increase in pixels and the doubling of LED’s? The LTE radios? Nope. Apple is expected to deliver unicorns.

I’ll offer the disclaimer that the display could turn out to be so dazzling — as more applications tap in to all of those pixels — that the above bullet points are rendered immaterial. And, of course, the A5X chip may become more of a factor in those cases, too.

OMG! I laughed so hard when I read his “get out of jail free” disclaimer.
So Brooke is basically saying the iPad sucks, but it may turn out that it actually doesn’t, and all his link-baiting arguments are crap. Ok.


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