Androidauthority: Bringing on the Stupid.

Mihai Andrici for

Apple’s iOS will soon be dethroned by Google’s Android as the leading tablet OS. Currently sitting at only 10% behind the iPad, the Android tablet market share should be bigger than that of the iPad by the end of Q2 2012. Android is bound to take over the tablet market, as it did with the smartphone market a few years back.

Except it isn’t, and it won’t. Android on tablets isn’t 10% behind Apple’s iPad, it’s miles behind. Apple sells all iPad’s it can manage to build to end customers, Android not so much, by all reasonable accounts.
When was the last time you saw a tablet that wasn’t an iPad? Yeah…

a recent comparison article posted by CNET gave the tablet crown to the new iPad when compared against the ASUS Transformer Prime, something heavily contradicted by comments made by owners of the Transformer Prime.

No shit, Sherlock! It’s called buyers remorse. You justify what you bought by making the obviously better choice look bad.
I won’t even get into what makes a tablet useful – the ecosystem, but I will point to something Android users are all hung up about: Specs. Show me where any, ANY Android tablet is better than the new iPad, and I’m not talking a single benchmark. I mean real world use.

according to several analysts, the new iPad wasn’t even close to duplicating the massive iPad 2 and iPad 1 sales.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Apple sold over 3 million new iPads to customers (read: real people) on the opening weekend, besting the 1 million iPad 2’s a year ago by a factor of three. More than any other Android tablet. Ever. Combined.

Considering the fact that Samsung, a major player in Android tablet manufactures the two most important components inside the new iPad (the retina display and the A5X CPU), doesn’t it make sense for the iPad will soon be dethroned?

Bad grammar aside: Samsung is producing some of the Retina displays for Apple and the A5X, which isn’t a CPU but a SoC…minor difference…according to Apple’s specs. Samsung didn’t design these components, they build them.
Talking about that major player in tablets: Not doing too well…

how can a single tablet maker stand up to an array of Android tablet OEMs that already provide a high degree of diversity in their hardware offers?

Pretty simple actually: It’s about the ecosystem, not specs. Plus, tablets are not carrier-subsidized, like smartphones, and the one’s that are aren’t selling.

Apple could not do that with their iPhone, they won’t be able to accomplish that with the iPad.

Yeah, because the iPhone only has about 95% of all profits in the smartphone industry.

As it turns out, Android has a better business model than the closed iOS ecosystem.

…and what is that? Selling your data to the highest bidder? I’m asking because non of the OEM’s are making any decent money on Android. Google? Yeah, most mobile profits for Google come from iOS devices.

Although Android had arguably a slow start in the tablet area (many critics feel that Android 3.0 Honeycomb was unable to provide the experience users were looking for in a tablet), as the tablet and smartphone versions of Android have converged into Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, by the end of 2012, it is likely that the main attraction of all iPad models (the number and quality of apps available) will be matched by ICS tablets.

Honeycomb was supposed to do that…didn’t work out too well, so now it’s ICS which is on a whopping 2,9% of all Android devices. …and that’s counting smartphones too…almost six months after it’s release.
Apps? Not really.

Hardware-wise, before the fourth iPad generation comes out (probably in Q1 2013), we’re bound to see a number Android tablets that will trash the new iPad in all conceivable sectors: be it price-performance ratio, raw performance, form factor, and maybe even display quality.

Google’s mantra! Overpromise, underdeliver.
People buy stuff that is available today, not some idea of what might be available in a year, and if the past is any guide, none of the wishful thoughts of Mr. Andrici will become reality.

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