@donreisinger says Apple is expensive…must be true.

Over at Slashgear Don Reisinger dishes out the ol’ “Apple is expensive!” thingy…

He’s mainly talking about the Apple TV everyone out of their right mind is expecting to hit the market within the next few months, but he’s also making blanket statements like

As we know all too well, Apple has been charging a premium on its products for years.

Really? Name a comparable product by a competitor that is cheaper. I dare you.

LG and Samsung are developing televisions that can match any design Apple might muster.

While I agree that there’s only so much you can do with the design of a large screen TV, Don fails to see that it’s rarely about just the design with Apple. It’s the ecosystem tied to the exterior of the device in harmony, and no, that’s nothing anyone out there can match.

I’m also not convinced that Apple will be able to deliver a groundbreaking display technology that will want us to ditch our current high-end televisions. Yes, Apple has been able to do special things in the past, but the television market isn’t computers or smartphones. And it’s important for all of us to remember that.

Affordable 4k resolution would be pretty neat, but I’m still not convinced that Apple will release a TV, other than what it already has in it’s line-up – the just released 3rd gen Apple TV.
Yeah, thanks for reminding us that the TV market is not the same as the smartphone market.

So, I’m not quite sure I’d be willing to pay a massive premium for an Apple television. Yes, I realize that I’ll have to pay a little extra for the Apple name, and as I’ve noted here before, I’m just fine with that. But if Apple tries to price itself out of the market, I don’t know if I can justify running down to one of its retail stores to pick up one of its televisions.

Again. Where’s the evidence for that supposed Apple tax? Repeating a non-fact, doesn’t make it so, and when has Apple, in the last 10+ years, priced itself “out of the market”?

In case Apple does release a TV, which I doubt: I remember clearly everyone laughing at the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. No one’s laughing anymore.

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