The supply-chains statements of Apple’s “rivals”.


Nick Bilton for the New York Times:

Apple’s rivals are quick to say how much better, faster, cheaper or more popular their smartphones, computers and tablets are.

Yet when it comes to working conditions in the Chinese factories that build these competing products, Apple’s electronics rivals have been silent lately.

I wonder why?

Apple, no paragon of communication, has been publishing reports of the practices of its vendors since 2006, and it eventually, after numerous requests by advocacy and news organizations, shared the names of 156 direct suppliers.

In the last week I have asked Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Microsoft and others about their reports on labor conditions. Most responded with a boilerplate public relations message. Some didn’t even respond.

Like I said: *crickets*

Although some technology companies, like Microsoft, share some information about their audits, none go into detail about the violations they find inside specific facilities.

HP, Samsung, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, Lenovo, Amazon, Dell, etc.


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