ZDNet: View from China. Apple is DOOMED! Again…

This is getting old, but it’s still fun, so I’ll bite.

Liu Jiayi for ZDNet:

In the smartphone market, Apple is playing catch up with Samsung in China, the world’s biggest mobile phone market.

…and that’s just the summary.

The long overnight queue outside Apple’s Central flagship store in Hong Kong disappears almost as quickly as it was built up. Now you can easily buy new iPads in a mall — if you are willing to pay US$100 for a bunch of Apple accessories and a pad that looks the same, but only hotter, heavier, and with shorter battery life.

…which had nothing to do with the ever improving supply-chains Apple commands, I’m sure.
I don’t get the accessories remark, but I’m not sure the author does either…
It’s warmer, because the A5X is huge, powering double the LED’s and four times the pixels. It’s not hot, but the things we do for clicks….
It has slightly more weight, to the tune of 50g, because the battery is almost twice as big, to power the damn thing…a fair tade-off if you ask me…or anyone using iPads, and the battery life is – shocker – about the same.
Wow, where did this guy do his research? Android Authority?

Since it was first launched in early March, the new iPad hasn’t been doing a good job in persuading the customer to pay US$500 to upgrade their old models. All kinds of critiques started to kick in: few apps and games optimized for the A5X CPU and quad-core graphics, the body’s heating issue, charging problems, so on and so forth.

Really? 3 million in less than a week? More than all Samsung tablets EVER? Combined.
Cheap shot on apps: Duh…of course only few had been updated on launch day…it’s not like devs had a chance to optimize their apps beforehand. This is a non-issue now, just a month after the initial launch, very unlike Samsung tablets, which can’t run half the apps available at all.
The rest of this part? Answered above…but keep the clicks in mind.

Bigger resolution on a same-size Retina screen and a 5-megapixels build-in camera don’t seem to be this generation’s selling point, nor does the “Ultrafast” 4G LTE connection, since China, Apple’s second biggest market, is still working on its 4G infrastructure. Fans in Hong Kong are also disappointed, as the new iPad there doesn’t support the local 4G network.

Again. 3 million sold to end customers. In a week.
4G/LTE? People complaining about that can’t read. It’s more than obvious from Apple’s website, the introduction, etc. I’d think that anyone willing to spend 479 Euros and up, would be capable of reading a few short sentences…

But thanks to the sluggish Windows 8 and chaotic Android, iPad’s share is expected to rise to 60%, according to a report issued by iSuppli and Deutsche Bank in March.

60% of what? Channel sales? Because all the data points to Apple having 90%+ of the “tablets used in real life” share. Analysts suck.

After Tim Cook took over Apple from the legendary Steve Jobs last August, the challenge for Apple has been how to maintain the momentum and keep on redefining people’s digital life. But it seems that the successors of first generation iPhone and iPad are anything but revolutionary.

iPad (3): 3 million. One week.
iPhone 4S: Best-selling smartphone ever.

In the smartphone market, Apple is playing catch up with Samsung in China, the world’s biggest mobile phone market. Samsung’s share is three times bigger than Apple’s and growing, according to a recent Gartner report.

Again? Catch up to what? The race to the bottom of margins? I’m not sure if Samsung doesn’t have to sell 30 phones to maket the profit Apple makes with one phone sale.

China Mobile has over 655 million subscribers, an equivalent to the population of the US and Canada combined.

Damn…research your articles…

These are not the only monkeys that are on Apple’s back. Fair Labor Association recently released a report urging Foxconn Electronics, Apple’s biggest supplier, to improve the working conditions, employee welfare, and its labor union system. The ongoing trademark dispute between Apple and Proview, a Shenzhen-based company which originally registered the ‘IPAD’ trademark, largely hinders the iPad sale in China.

I see only one monkey around here, and it didn’t just receive regulatory approval in China, unlike the iPad.

In closing: Puh, that was fun…NOT!

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