Right now, Apple is winning.

What are they winning you ask?

Well, in this particular case I’m talking about the future.

An example: When the first iPad came out in 2010 my son was nine years old. He picked it up and knew how it worked, instantly. He now, two years later, expects all devices to work like that.
Read that again. Seriously.

Everyone read the story of the four-year old who had the same experience and then tried to control the TV in the living room with touch, complaining that the TV was broken because it didn’t react to it. Anecdotal? Sure, but…
Here’s the thing: My son, and all other children in the first world (which is growing) see this as the way they interact with computers. Yes, Apple’s iDevices are computers. They are more powerful computers than what mankind used to put people on the moon.
These kids grow up with this, they will use them in schools, colleges, moving up the chain, naturally expecting things to just work ™, moving up, changing perceptions, demanding their computing experience at work, and not only at home.

It’s already happening.
Case in point: The company I work at (100.000+ employees) now has official guidelines on how to use Apple products in our network. This was unthinkable a year or two ago. Execs get company-issued iPhones and iPads – everyone else already has their BYOD-stuff in our network.

I’m talking about the 99%, to be sure. There will always be the case of people needing a workstation to code, work on servers, and the likes, but that’s the minority. I’m one of them, but I could do my job more efficiently on a Mac (we use Linux at work, and everyone also has a Windows PC – what a waste). My son won’t be content with this setup. He won’t have to be.

Apple is winning.


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