Apple is a hardware company.

Stephen Hackett on why iCloud is free.

I agree with most of what he has to say but the first part of this seems wrong to me:

While Apple considers itself a software company, its hardware is what pays the bills. It uses its software to sell its hardware.

I always think of Apple’s hardware when I think about Apple. The software makes the package compelling because of the ecosystem and the tight integration with the hardware, but Apple, to me, seems to be a hardware company, and I’d be surprised if they see themselves differently.

Maybe they even see themselves as something completely different: A company that puts the experience above everything else, meaning hard- and software have to follow the concept behind them.


2 comments on “Apple is a hardware company.

  1. DustyMac says:

    You could also think of Apple as a software company that makes great hardware for the purpose of running their software.

    • scottph says:

      Yeah, you could, but then I would suggest that Apple makes most of it’s profits from hardware, whereas Microsoft makes most of theirs from software.

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