Fireballed and Snell’d. @daringfireball, @jsnell

John Gruber at Daring Fireball in response to my thoughts on iTunes from yesterday:

You can’t please everyone, but it sure seems to me like there are more Mac users who wish Apple would break iTunes into a set of smaller tighter-focused apps (like on iOS) than there are iPad users who wish the Music, Video, App Store, and iTunes Store apps were combined into a single app (like on Mac and Windows).

I’m not so sure about that. It seems to me from the comments on my blog, and the comments on the Macworld article by Jason Snell, that the numbers are pretty even.

My point is: On iOS it makes sense to split the apps, because we use it very differently from how we use iTunes on the Mac.
On iOS you tap the app that you want to use for a specific scenario. On the Mac (and on Windows) you have a centralized way to access all your media. It makes it easier, in both worlds, to have it the way it is.

Again, I do not doubt that Apple is re-working their approach, I just don’t think they will split the Mac app now, and I don’t think it’s broken the way it is.

Edit: A commenter on my original post brought up an interesting issue: How would you restore an iOS device, if the apps holding your info are separate from one another?


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