HTC thinks we need less battery life, and thinner phones.

Chris Ziegler for The Verge: HTC: Customers prefer thinner phones to better battery life

At an event today, HTC’s vice president of product strategy Bjorn Kilburn noted that the company had conducted research last year to find out whether customers preferred thin smartphones to those which compromised thickness for better battery life. The answer, interestingly, was that they generally preferred thinness, at which point its plans for 3,000mAh-plus devices were removed from the roadmap.

This sounds an awful lot like the research they did on iPhones not being “hip” anymore.

I’m not saying that consumers do not want thinner phones, but definitely not at the expense of battery life. I think the current iPhone is just about perfect. Maybe shaving one or two millimeters off would be even better, but not if that meant I would have to recharge the battery more often.


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