Wow Samsung…really? iSheep?

Aaron Souppouris for The Verge:

The video closes with an invite to “stand out from everyone else,” who are, apparently, sheep. How Samsung, which will very soon be the number one phone manufacturer in the world running the world’s most popular smartphone OS, can call anyone but its own customers sheep isn’t clear. Is Samsung attempting to start a global flamewar by invoking the tired iSheep diatribe?

Besides being rather lame, what does Samsung try to accomplish with it’s recent campaigns? Are they trying to make Apple users feel stupid for owning Apple products?

If so, and it sure looks like it, I think Samsung is targeting the wrong crowd by sending this message. Why would anyone, who has just been called an iSheep, turn around and buy a Samsung product?


3 comments on “Wow Samsung…really? iSheep?

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  2. Very interesting post. Your verry correct about people not buying from companies that insult them.

    As mind bogging as its sounds there are companies like Zynga and EA, all they do is frustrate their customers.

    However Samsung has a point. Many purchase iphones just because all their friends and family own iphones, sounds a tad sheepish to me.

    • scottph says:

      Well, that’s what people usually do, if they’re in the 99%. They buy based on recommendations by friends, which normally is a good metric for purchasing stuff.

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