What a load of bull: Greg Pettit (@gregpettit) for macgasm.net:

6 things Apple needs to steal from Android for iOS6.

A point-for-point reply:

– Mounting as a storage device
Yeah, that’ll make file management so much easier…with all the apps actually using the files not knowing where they are located. And no, iTunes is just fine, and so is iCloud.

– The Home Screen
Greg thinks that widgets are the real deal, calling the home screen “liberated” with them. Fair enough, but I’m pretty sure most of us like fast access to 20 apps on our home screens. Widgets are for the Notification Center.

– System-Wide File System Access
See my reply to his first point. Also Greg, have a look at the various Android forums to check out how much fun it is when apps talk to each other – such a joy for the users…no mess at all…and security is just peachy over there too…

– App Management
Bogus all together. Ever since iOS5 apps download simultaneously. Same goes for updates. Ever heard of “Update all”? Nice little feature…

– Format Support
Apple doesn’t support many propriatory formats because of additional cost to the consumer (licensing) and no added benefit. Bonus hint: Handbrake.

– Flick To Scroll
Really? What kind of websites to you frequent? It’s suffiecient on all the websites I view to scroll twice to get to the bottom of them. Wanna go back up faster? Tap the area around the digital clock once.

How did this end up on macgasm.net? Seriously.

2 comments on “What a load of bull: Greg Pettit (@gregpettit) for macgasm.net:

  1. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for reading the article! I rather enjoyed the tone of this reply, too. 😉 When you’re passionate about something, I say let ‘er fly! I do think you are misconstruing or misrepresenting some of my points, but thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

    As for how it got to macgasm.net, it’s easy: I hacked their servers! No way a site called “Macgasm” would dare publish anything that has a bit of fun asking if there’s room for improvement in an Apple product. It just wouldn’t happen. 😉

    • scottph says:

      Hey Greg,
      the thing is this: I don’t mind reading someone’s opinion on areas where Apple can improve – there are a lot of things, no doubt. But the stuff you mentioned doesn’t hold any water in my opinion, which is what I’m saying. Agreed, the tone is harsh, but it’s the way it is because I strongly disagree with your stance – actually, I’m not even sure that some parts of your article are meant to be anything but stirring up a discussion for the sake of having a discussion. I think your arguments are weak at best.
      Feel free to reply point-by-point.

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