Samsung blew it – according to Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) of the Verge.

Vlad Savov for The Verge:

How Samsung broke my heart.

Talking about the Galaxy SIII:

So what did we get? The Siri-imitating S Voice, a quad-core SoC that’s already been announced for the Meizu MX, a suite of camera enhancements that rips off HTC’s ImageSense wholesale, and a signature animated lock screen that emulates interaction with water, something that’s been a live wallpaper option on Android phones since 2010. Oh, and industrial design and build quality that you’ll find on any anonymous South Korean MP3 player…

We’re told not to be sheep, yet Samsung itself is just falling in line with the herd. The company seems oblivious to the sense of betrayal this has engendered in the informed consumer.



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