About that Smartcover…Touch…Type…whatever.

Microsoft showed their vision of a tablet/Pc a few days ago, and the tech press is marveling at all the cool stuff it may be able to do. I say “may be” because Microsoft didn’t show much of anything.

Here’s a company that’s made billions in software, and they chose not to show the actual software, you know…apps, working their magic on their…PC(?)…whatever, but I digress.

I actually wanted to talk about the cover they showed off. Well, technically, they showed it, because the other phrasing would imply that they actually showed how it works, which they didn’t.

The event was clearly rushed to upend Google, which will presumably announce a 7″ Nexus tablet at I/O next week. They didn’t want to be last.

Anyhow, about that cover… Lot’s of people in the blogsphere and the main press are hailing it as Microsoft outdoing Apple, but I think – putting aside that this thing doesn’t actually work right now – they failed.

Here’s why: Put your iPad with it’s Smartcover on your lap or desk. Seriously, do it. Ok. Now turn it around and lift the iPad up. Prop it up against something on your table, so you can simulate that kickstand the Surface will have. Now try to type on the Smartcover. Tell me how this, with it’s flexible texture, is going to be better than typing on the on-screen keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard.
Also, how will this work in your lap? With a kickstand. Right.

See what I mean? The “killer feature” sucks.

Food for thought: Why did they hand out Microsoft mice after the event?

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