ZDNet’s Ken Hess: Apple doesn’t compete with Android.


Choice cut:

Apple operates in a vacuum. They always have. Apple’s designers aren’t thinking about whether an Android phone has this or that extra battery-consuming port or another useless feature, they’re focused on building a product that people want. And, one that people want to pay a lot of money for. I doubt anyone at Apple says to a coworker, “Hey, dude, did you see my (insert Android-based phone name here), it has this. We should totally put one of those on the next iPhone.”

Nope, not a conversation that you’ll ever hear.

Nothing to add, besides my thought that I don’t believe for one second that Foxconn’s CEO actually talked about an unreleased Apple iPhone vs. the Samsung Galaxy S III. He has been misquoted before, and he’s smart enough to know that this is a huge No-no.


3 comments on “ZDNet’s Ken Hess: Apple doesn’t compete with Android.

  1. Ken Hess says:

    Perhaps you should read the article I referred to in my post, if you don’t believe it. That would be smart.

  2. scottph says:

    Just to add: I did read it, but I still call bs.

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