So, the NYT doesn’t like Apple anymore.

In recent months Apple has been the target of some outrageous “reporting” by the NYT.

The latest installment of Stupid comes in form of this article, where author David Segal alleges that Apple doesn’t pay it’s retail employees enough.

It’s retail, dumbass!

Apple retail employees make, right now, about 25.000 USD a year. Right now, because it’s been widely reported about two weeks ago, that they will get up to 25% raises soon. Curious timing on the article, don’t you think?
It kinda looks like the NYT is trying to make it look like they made Apple increase their retail employees salary by sheer force of their publication…

Anyways, the minimum wage in retail in the US is 7,25 USD per hour. If you work 9 hours a day, 220 days a year at most retailers you’ll make…14.355 USD before taxes.

Just sayin’…


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