About Google I/0…

Anyhow, saw the keynote, read the blogs. Here’s what I think, in no particular order of importance:

Nexus 7.
– Will there be a Nexus 10? Why else the naming?
Verge says “Scrolling isn’t bad, but it couldn’t quite keep up with our thumbs.”.
– Butter? Who came up with that name? And I thought Android was generally fluid – just like iOS? I guess it’s not.
– Headphone jack on the bottom? This will be really convenient consuming Content in portrait mode.
– So IPS LCD is cool now, right? Not OLED anymore.
– 16:9…really not sure about that…movies yeah, but the rest on a 7″ screen?
– Speaker on the back? Again, consuming content on a table or in your lap will be interesting.
– No rear-facing camera…sure you don’t take too many pics with your tablet, but the huge finder (aka screen) is nice.
– Curious…no Flash on the tablet… Steve was right.
– 199 USD 8GB, 299 USD 16GB plus taxes, or get a brand new iPad 2 for 399 USD at 16GB, with a useful screen-size – remember that 7″ across is about half of 9,7″ across.

Jelly Bean.
– I get why it’s not Android 5.0.
– Again: Butter? But, but…. They showed ICS and JB scrolling side by side…too bad most will never get JB.
– Google Now: Creepy…remember what Google is? Hint: Advertising company.
– Offline Voice sounds cool – only english is a bummer, but that should rectify itself in time…if it’s not another eternal beta.
– Voice Search (aka Siri knock-off) seems to be good, considering that Andy Rubin, not even a year ago said that you shouldn’t talk to your phone, but to other people. Just sayin’..
– Widgets and apps rearrange automatically when you move something around…now, where have I seen that before…can’t remember…
– You can +1 pretty much everything…again, remember what Google is…
– Oh, oh…app encryption with a device-specific key…no more pirates?
– Incremental app updates – cool one. Apple should do this asap…
– OTA starting mid-July for Nexus S, Moto Xoom, Galaxy Nexus…so about 0,1% of all Androids out there…maybe less.
– Chrome is out of beta and the default browser, starting on the Nexus 7.
– Curious, the demo device used the phone UI…

Nexus Q.
– Who’s gonna spend 299 USD plus taxes for this?
– Google clearly doesn’t understand hardware…a ball-shaped object that sits next to my square HDTV, with a glowing LED line around it that distracts me? Right…
Google says “shifts and changes color in time to your music”..ok. Now I get it…nope, no dice.
– Made in USA…ok, easy if you will only sell a few units…no matter what The Verge says because those will not be made in huge numbers, and what about the Nexus 7?
Yeah, right…Asustek…Korea, right?
– Also, 299 USD vs. 99 USD – we’ll see how many will pay 200 USD more for the Made in USA label…
– You need an Android smartphone or tablet to access Google Play thru the Nexus Q… Read that again!
– No remote, and again, it only works with Android devices.
I rarely agree with Ed Bott, but…

– Primary use, and I’m willing to bet on that and the lawsuits in 3, 2, 1…: POV porn.
– Yay! You get a glass block with it…
– The whole thing is creepy as shit, but not to worry, ‘cos they look fucking ugly, and they will set you back a cool 1.500 bucks, and will ship next year (maybe)…so Google is covering their asses by making sure that only looneys will buy this. Pew…close call!
But, just to be sure: If I see you with one of those things, checking out my girlfriend…I’ll punch you in the face, while cracking them. You have been warned creep.
– I think Arrington got it right: “I can imagine in a couple of years we’ll all be wearing these at events. Then a couple of years after that maybe we’ll look back and think we all looked like idiots.”

– When have you seen Steve Jobs, or Tim Cook, demo a native Apple app for Android…yeah…me neither…
– Andy Rubin still thinks one-size-fits-all is a good policy for tablets.
– The Nexus 7 may head to retail…with a markup, since Google is selling them nearly at cost in the Play store…Play store still sounds weird…
– 1 million device activations per day, 400 million total…know who that message is for? Google’s clients. Ad companies. Not you.
App encryption is a biggie: I’m surprised no one, to my knowledge, is talking about that. Device-specific key. Think about it.
– Let’s see how much of it is real in a year…
– Flashback to 2011:
Android Update Alliance – ‘member that? Yeah…
Google TV…

Again, Google showed off consumer-oriented stuff for their customers.

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