Apple’s “bad” quarter…thoughts.

Just to get this straight:

Apple posted a 7 billion increase in revenues (to the year ago quarter), a 1.5 billion profit increase (again, y/o/y), and a net profit of 8.8 billion in twelve weeks, record-breaking iPad sales, a substantial increase in iPhone and Mac sales (y/o/y), beat their own guidance, gross margin is up, and they still have (by a huge margin) the best selling tablet, smartphone, and media player, plus 117 billion in cash on hand, but Wall Street is disappointed? Ok.

In case it wasn’t clear before: Analysts aren’t worth a penny, neither are most writers/bloggers.

I know Apple has to play this game, because they’re a public company, and I know that the stock price reflects future expectations, but come on…think about those numbers for a second.

Do you know of any other company that is so grossly under-valued?


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