About Samsung’s smartphone numbers… @jonrussell

Jon Russell for The Next Web:

The company didn’t break out exactly how many devices that it shipped between April and June, but analyst firm Strategy Analytics estimates that the Korean company sold 50.5 million units during the period.

See what he did there? Samsung didn’t say how many they shipped, but some “analysts” estimate they sold 50 million smartphones…right.

And Jon Russell again, in another article, posted two hours later:

Fresh from posting record earnings of $5.9 billion, mobile maker Samsung has grabbed another first after its global mobile market share reached a record 26 percent, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

The Korean company, which overtook Nokia at the top of the mobile pile in the last quarter, shipped an estimated 93 million devices (of which 50.5 million were smartphones) between April and June. That puts it ahead of the Finnish company’s own haul of 83.7 million, with Apple third on 26 million.

Again: Nobody knows if Samsung actually sold that many phones, because they don’t post this information.

That’s all you really need to know: Samsung does not report (smart)phone sales to customers. All those numbers are meaningless, because they’re estimates by “analysts” of “channel sales” – read: Sales to resellers.

Apple reports sales to customers.


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