Apple vs. Samsung

.. or Samsung vs. Apple, as Samsung would like to call it.

I’m not going to get into this very much. I think when all is said and done Apple will win.

But, I’m going to point out interesting tidbits that emerge from the trial. The first being that it is customary that the defendant is named second in all documents, which include the signs in front of the courtroom….normally. Samsung didn’t like that, objected, and now it reads “Apple vs. Samsung” and right below it “Samsung vs. Apple”. Ridiculous.

Also today, Judge Lucy Koh rejected (for the tenth time) Samsung’s motion to introduce more evidence into trial, which prompted Samsung’s legal counsel to release them to the press. Judge Koh was described as being “livid” when she found out, and reprimanded Samsung.

So far, it looks to me, as if Samsung wants to make this trial a farce, just so they can appeal an unfavorable ruling, and the only reason why I think they’re doing this is because the know they will ultimately lose.


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